Friday, 12 April 2013

Radio Minus 50: Friday 12 April 1963

The Navy Lark: The New Barmaid

"We're proud to present the 100th Lark," Robin Boyle excitedly announces - presumably including both Navy and TV under that heading.  The episode's plot isn't anything especially celebratory: there's a new barmaid at dockside pub The Fireman's Bucket and Bell - pulchritudinous Scotswoman Jeannie (Janet Brown, of course), and obviously Phillips has his eye on her.  But so does Mr Murray.  Pertwee doesn't have his head turned - he's too busy throwing crisps at other patrons (his pronunciation of the word "crisps" is really something to hear), and being foiled in his schemes to get Able Seaman Taffy Goldstein to pay for a round.  The pair quarrel over Jeannie until Phillips' plan to escort her home is ruined by a call-up from Captain Povey to a NATO training exercise.  The rest of the episode sees Murray and Phillips at each other's throats, causing this week's maritime mishaps (I could have written the Radio Times billings back then).  The episode's punchline: the uncle Jeannie's staying with is none other than grumpy old Captain Povey himself.

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