Sunday, 4 May 2014


Dear viewers

You may have noticed things have slowed down even more than usual around here.  The fact is that I've decided to put TV Minus 50 on hold for a bit: I'm currently preparing to move from Brighton to London and I just don't have any time for bloggery at the moment.  At the other end it'll probably take a while to sort out the broadband connection and what have you out, so it may be a few months until normal(ish) service resumes.  What's more I feel the need for a bit of a break, and I'm sure the blog'll be all the better for it.

See you in a little while


(PS I borrowed the above image from the tremendous blog Island of Terror by the wonderful Mr Unmann-Wittering, whose work inspired me to start blogging in the first place - if you don't know it I urge you to pay a visit).

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