Monday, 17 November 2014

Transmission break

Dear viewers

Thanks very much to those of you who regularly tune in.   I hope you've enjoyed my recent posts, but due to those twin demons of work and life I've had a bit of a nightmare getting them out on time lately - and due to this I think there's been a bit of a drop in quality.  It is, of course, entirely my own fault for setting myself the lunatic task of going into forensic detail about all these old programmes.  It's changed from something I love doing to a dreaded chore.

So I've had a rethink.  TV Minus 50 will be off air for the rest of this week and will return next week (date TBC) in a new, digested weekly format: there won't be anything like the same level of detail, but hopefully there will be a renewed sense of fun about proceedings as I change from a broken man sobbing over a keyboard at the tsunami of Plane Makers episodes approaching of me back into someone keen to share his love of 1960s TV (and other things) in all their brilliance and silliness.

See you next week


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