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Friday 11 September 1964

On our last visit to Oxbridge, consultant Leon Dorsey collapsed after learning that he was the new chair of the hospital's medical committee.  Today he comes round to find himself at the tender mercies of defeated candidate Dr Grant, who drops several large hints about what a brilliant Deputy Chairman he'd make.  Leon's wife Eleanor dashes in, having been informed of his collapse (Grant suggests to Leon that Harold de la Roux told her out of spite at losing out on the chair).  Eleanor's played by Margo Johns, an actress very dear to my heart thanks to her role alongside Michael Gough in the lunatic King Kong rip-off Konga.  Eleanor's naturally worried about whether her husband's going to be up to the chairmanship, but he assures he only intends to hold it until things have cooled down between Grant and de la Roux.

Grant pops off to schmooze with his favourite patient, Barbara Dodge, who's still recovering from her suicide attempt, joining her in a drink ("Hock and seltzer in the middle of the morning, it's like a more gracious age").

In some utterly preposterous dialogue, Barbara tells Grant that she's all better now she's managed to get what her heart desires: "I've stopped wishing on the moon, Alec.  I'm in the nose cone of a three stage rocket on my way to land there" (it's no wonder he looks so bemused).  The moon in question is Guy Marshall, whose love Barbara's now convinced she's secured.

Lydia Stock arrives with some worrying news for Barbara about Pan-American Pandora, a company she has shares in which has attracted a lot of publicity for its connections with various far right organisations.  What with the rise of the civil rights movement and the upcoming presidential election it's created an awkward situation for Barbara, and she needs to head back to London to sort it out (you can sense a show straining to be something more than just love over the bedpans).  Barbara tells Grant she'll donate whatever he wants to the hospital, but asks him to bring Guy to see her before she leaves.

Elsewhere, a dishevelled Jane Beattie gets a stern ticking-off from Sister Ransome (Stella Tanner), who thinks too much partying's at the root of Jane's scruffy appearance and distracted manner (in reality it's down to her pining after Rex Lane Russell).

Jane and Michaela Davis both have to contend with a new, Cheerful Charlie Booth (Jonathan Newth), so named for his conspicuous and instantly grating joviality.

Louise Mahler's gone out for lunch with her brother prior to him leaving for New York (there's a diplomatic crisis on).  Once again he gives her the old emotional blackmail about her relationship with Giles Farmer: "Will you choose duty, or desire?"

Railway worker Mr Price (played by Russell Waters, a 56 year old stalwart character player who was perhaps rather flattered that his character's age is given as 42) has been admitted to hospital with trouble breathing.  Charlie gives him the once over.

Guy goes to see Barbara.  She tells him that she's decided to live in London, and offers to use her connections to help him find the kind of job there that he really wants to do.  He finds himself succumbing to her charms...

...while Mr Price is given over to the hands of the monstrously condescending Peter Bacon (David Pinner).

Look at the poster in the background here.  It's amazing.  Anyway, as Barbara takes her leave of Guy the pair share a lingering snog... but as she departs he's given pause for thought by the enormous cheque she's left behind.  Is she trying to buy his love? Well, yes, obviously.  But is he selling?

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